Video Gallery

Among multiplicity of Joomla Video Gallery extensions Origin Code Video Gallery can be loved by you more than ever. Video gallery can be the best part of your website. If you have a video content, why not to demonstrate them in their best way? Beautifully organized video gallery in a page will give a high status to your site and be pleased by it’s visitors. Our Video Gallery extension has been set to be used in demonstration of your videos on a page using 5 unrepeatable gallery views. The views of video gallery are different, some of them can show only videos, others – videos with textual description, so it’s up to you which video gallery view to use on your page. Videos can be added to the video gallery from two type of most popular video sources Vimeo and YouTube

What does video gallery also have?

Simple usage of video gallery. Once you install Video Gallery extension you will be pleased with it’s user friendly admin.

The ability to add unlimited number of video galleries with unlimited number of videos in each gallery

Write title and description to videos of video gallery, textual description and URL for each video, added in video gallery.

Widget Integration of video gallery. Besides pages and posts, you can also use video gallery as a widget. Turning on Video Gallery from your widget area, put video gallery on sidebar or wherever it looks good for you.