Product Catalog

Have you ever wanted to demonstrate your products in a better way? OriginCode got the uttermost solution for you!

The product catalog plugin is made for demonstration, sale, advertisements for your products. In fact, you are able to create your own online store for your WordPress website with our product catalog.

We provide the best looking catalog plugin with some high-end functionality. There are tons of options for you and you are welcome to start using it right now.

You have the possibility to add an unlimited number of products to your product catalog, and each item can be customized in detail to your preference. Collect all products in certain categories, which are product catalogs.

Product Catalog may also be customized according to your taste, to allow a detailed understanding of the product in the catalog. In addition, each product may be associated with the images as single and multiple.

Customers are provided with the ability to rate the product catalogs’ items, and write feedback about products shown in the catalog, as well as writing reviews which will show up for each product.

OriginCode Product Catalog license provides you with a high level of customization in relation to almost all aspects of the catalog: from the background color and size of the text inside the cell of the product to the number of products in the series and the number of comments on the product page.

Order of the products can be changed with easy drag & drop function.

In the admin page you can find custom fields containing certain product characteristics, such as price or color, moreover, you can add more fields.

The whole product catalog where all your products are collected can be demonstrated with 5 beautiful views.

This is also a great tool to easily organize your Lead Generation campaign!

See the demos below!