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Free Traffic Strategies

October 13, 2019| Origin Code|

It’s 21 century outside and it means that even your grandma thinks about running her online business (if she doesn’t yet). Millions of tech guys and offline entrepreneurs have launched their websites, celebrated that great achievement and ran into an iceberg named Marketing, that drowned not only the whole project but also their motivation and dreams. One of the biggest challenges of running an online business, of course, is marketing. And not just because it’s complicated but also because of our perception of marketing. There are so many articles and classes regarding different aspects of marketing that people generally got confused from the first days of learning it. Therefore we offer you to separate your online marketing thoughts and operations in two spheres: Traffic and Conversion. This might sound very primitive and even wrong marketing insight, but, at least, it’s easy to understand․ Suppose you are waging war on two…    read more 

10 Tips for Website Image Optimization

October 2, 2019| Origin Code|

According to a recent study, people remember only 10% of the content they hear but 65% of the images they see. Images are a key feature of any modern website as visuals increase the visitor’s desire to read the content by 80%. On the one hand, we need high-quality images to attract visitors to our website. On the other hand, high-quality images tend to be large and slow-loading, which discourages visitors. This, in turn, affects page rank. Organizations are implementing image optimization techniques to make their websites more attractive, load faster and rank higher. This article provides an overview of image optimization. What Is Website Image Optimization? Image optimization is the process of delivering high-quality images for the web while keeping the smallest file size. Large images slow down website loading times; optimizing images reduces the loading time of web pages. One of the biggest issues of website management is keeping…    read more